Personal healthcare dilemma: Buy insurance, or buy a boat?

I just ran across this ad that made me laugh.  But before we get to the ad, let’s talk bills.  Medical bills are a hard reality for many.  According to a government study cited in this Bloomberg article, 1 in 4 families struggle to pay medical bills, and 1 in 10 can’t pay them at all.  With Obamacare just around the corner, my monthly premiums will rise significantly.  I hope I can continue paying my bills….


I admit — I was browsing the classifieds while at work, planning for the summer.  I had to laugh when I ran across the following ad from a guy selling his beloved boat, purportedly to cover medical expenses.  The final line takes the cake and is typical of our society today.  :)


This boat is great for the whole family. Trailer has new tires& rims, axel bearings with bearing buddy kit. Storage cover etc. I have invested $12,000.00 in boat alone plus almost $2000.00 in toys and accessories above – asking for $8950.00 OBO. Call or Text (Xxxx) at (xxx-xxx-xxxx).

Interest persons can see the boat in (Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx). Trying to pay down medical bills but may consider some on trade, I.E. Jet skis, guns, ATV, small fishing boat/canoe, Gold, Silver coins etc.

I love it!

Now, I don’t mean to make light of those struggling with medical bills.  Unexpected medical expenses can be crippling.  However, it would be interesting to dig into the government study on medical bills and see how many of those people have boats, huge-screen tv’s, jet skis, ATVs, guns, and are jet setting around the world.