Homeowner Essentials: Simplify, Save, Invest.

Small savings don’t just add up. They multiply up!

Math tables

I was talking with a mortgage lender today, Brad Bailey from First Colony Mortgage.  I showed him how my formulas work: $1=$5, and $2=$1,000.  If the typical homeowner were to pay just $1 extra towards their mortgage, they would save $5.  If they were to pay just $2 per month extra, they would save $1,000.  If they prepay just a little more, they'd … [Continue reading]

Personal healthcare dilemma: Buy insurance, or buy a boat?


I just ran across this ad that made me laugh.  But before we get to the ad, let's talk bills.  Medical bills are a hard reality for many.  According to a government study cited in this Bloomberg article, 1 in 4 families struggle to pay medical bills, and 1 in 10 can't pay them at all.  With Obamacare just around the corner, my monthly premiums will … [Continue reading]

Poor Jeremy’s Tribute to Poor Richard, & Mr.s Franklin, Pelton, and Barnham

Poor Jeremy Bill

I've never met Poor Richard from Poor Richard's Almanac, but I feel somehow like I know him.  Like we're kindred spirits.  I've been through the tough times, having sleepless nights worrying about where the next deal will come. But I also feel like I know Poor Richard because Poor Richard knows a thing or two about what he's talking about.  In coming up with an image for my book, I've wanted it to reflect the contents and message of the book. … [Continue reading]

Homes in Order the Video

Intro Video Screen Shot

http://youtu.be/Cw1DHjLKzWs http://youtu.be/Cw1DHjLKzWs Homes in Order In Just 30 Seconds If you had just 30 seconds to get your point across to the world, what would you say?  Homes in Order is about saving money, and saving a lot of money.  But it is also simple.  If the typical homeowner were to prepay just $1 towards their mortgage, they'd save $5. So, that's the 30 second message.  Pay off your mortgage.  Get out of debt.  Sacrifice … [Continue reading]

Making a castle out of your home, or functional obsolescence


One of the fun parts of being a real estate agent is seeing new and different things in people's homes.  Yesterday evening, I saw this castle built in the basement of a home.  I see play areas a lot, but this one was much more than just a play area.  It looked very realistic, and when I tapped the stone with my fingers, I was surprised to see that it was real stone!  Obviously a brick mason had built this. The thing is, it took up a huge part … [Continue reading]

How to save $149.58 (then thousands more!) with LED Christmas lights

Clark Griswold

I don't know if it is trying to share the joy of the season with the kids, or more probably if it is flexing machismo like Clark Griswold, but somewhere along the lines, we started hanging lights on our houses.  And the more you hang, the better dad/husband you are, right?  You might remember this exchange from the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation: Bethany:  Is your house on fire, Clark? Clark:  No, Aunt Bethany, those are the … [Continue reading]